Friday Night Movie Night

  We, at the “Dove” house, love our Friday night movies. It’s a given. No matter what falls into our week and rocks the boat Monday thru Thursday, Friday is reserved for movie night. It’s not the easiest picking out movies now a days that you don’t shudder when a scene comes on and you want to cover your child’s eyes. Movies that used to be rated ‘G’ don’t exist. PG-13 used to be ‘R’ in my days. But Pure Flix is reliable when it comes to entertainment and non-skiddish parents. Every holiday, we watch ‘Christmas with a Capital C’. It’s easy going, funny, and festive. My kids look forward to it. And I love a movie that’s setting is the snowy Alaska. I’ve watched more than this one from Pure Flix. I’m sort of a Hallmark girl, and “Finding Normal” is right up that alley. It’s kind of a take on “Doc Hollywood”. I really like Candace Cameron Bure. She always gives an even performance. And if you’re lucky enough to have an awesome internet provider, you’re able to get Pure Flix for a month’s free trial. I don’t know about you, but I love Heartland. I watched some behind the scenes of this show, and it’s like I know these people now. Not to mention I love the whole horse theme. Not that I’ve ridden one, got closer than a fence length between one, but I enjoy watching other people do this! The scenery is amazing. Following the story of the younger couple reminds me of following Laura Wilder and Almanzo Wilder in ‘Little House on the Prairie’. This show has come such a long way. There’s so much history, character development, and sub-plots. And if you’re lucky enough to have an awesome internet provider, you’re able to get Pure Flix for a month’s free trial.

Kind of makes me wish it was Friday night, Christmas, or I had better internet to take advantage of it myself! Who knows, maybe the wind will blow just right and I’ll be able to catch one of those new movies I see advertised. Feel free to let me know what you think!


Dear Hallmark,


I love you…I really do. But…..this weekend was a little too soon to begin the Christmas marathon. It makes me think the holiday is just around the corner, when in fact Halloween is!!! Yes, that’s right. We have yet to take our turn around the ol’neighborhood, dressed up as super heroes and types of food. It was 80 degrees today in my neck of the woods, for goodness sakes. Your movies, although I can watch them till my eyes cross, need to wait just a few more weeks. Until Thanksgiving, at least. That’s when I get the spirit stirring in my bones. Not now while my scarecrow is standing proud on my porch and the mums are smiling in the last warm days the forecast has to offer. I try to think back and remember–did everything move with the speed of light when I was younger? Were we shopping for Valentines on the heels of the New Year? Doing a warm-up to black Friday in the dead heat of July? I wonder…when did we begin to hurry everything up? Unless you’re a thirteen year old girl, counting the days down until you’re sixteen and can drive…aren’t we supposed to be relaxing and taking it all in? Slowing down the aging process…stopping Father Time as best we can–why can’t we start it with the holiday rush? And slow this train down a little. 🙂


A true-blue fan, who will probably watch even though it feels too soon.


Christmas Movies

stanI’m such a sucker for a good movie. I have quite a collection. One year a dear friend of mine gave me this one to watch. She’s into old movies and thought I’d enjoy it. It has been a favorite ever since. My version is in black and white; I’m not sure if they colorized it later on. And it has the type of plot that can be set on replay without me getting tired of having it on.

Basically the character of Barbara Stanwyck writes a column for a magazine and kind of paints herself as a Martha Stewart; country house with a pet cow, and all!  (She really lives in a noisy apartment in the city). When the publisher wants to visit for the holidays, she seeks help from her boyfriend to pretend the house he owns is really theirs, they’re married, and that they have a baby. Little does she know that a fan of the magazine is also invited to stay…a very handsome and single war hero who admires her column.

I won’t spoil it, although I’d appreciate the spoil if I were reading this. I’ll only say that it’s a classic and you won’t be disappointed. That is if you’re into black and white, easy to entertain movies.

I wish this year I could sit in front of a fireplace, sip hot chocolate, eat a Chunky candy bar with Rocky Road ice cream and enjoy it, myself. The closest I’ll get to that is popping it in the kitchen DVD while I’m preparing a meal and increasing the volume to hear it over the noise of kids running and my daughter singing songs at random, very loudly. It’s all good. One day I’ll wish for this circus again!