Upside Down Day


You never know what a day will bring. For me, this past Wednesday brought absolute chaos. I was awakened out of bed with a phone call from my boyfriend that he had accidentally hit our dog. I don’t even remember getting dressed. (I DON’T do well with a crisis, especially dealing with hit animals). In fact, I scream to the top of my lungs and close my eyes when a squirrel darts in front of my car. My children are scarred for life because of this, thinking we are about to crash each time it happens.

But you do what you have to, right? For me, that meant running down our driveway (it is really long) and helping put this bloody, hundred-pound dog in the back of the vehicle to go and get help. I actually stayed home—there were five kids left in the house that needed to be watched.

The point of my post is that you may have all the plans you want for the day, but it doesn’t mean that with one fell swoop, they won’t be cancelled. Bringing about an entirely different outcome. So, what I had scheduled was now trumped by trauma, worry, and anticipation of Walter’s recovery. Walter…who was just moments ago sniffing the deer prints that came the night before in our yard. Walter, who gets no attention other than being fed and watered.

Walter, who now is okay, minus the two gashes that are bandaged up on his legs and awaiting stitches. He is resting peacefully in our basement, underneath a blanket, and visited every other minute by one of our children. He’s is eating up the attention. After all, he’s thirteen years old and has never seen the inside of our home. But now, this is where he will live. Cuddled up on his bed, and seeing all that we do every day.

What a difference a day makes. Especially, for Walter.