I’m sensing a pattern here…

Okay, so I didn’t wake up grumpy, but I seem to be going to bed a bit miffed. Do I know why? Not consciously, but I assure you that if I had some couch time I’d get to the bottom of it! Tonight it’s the little things that are rubbing me…you know, like I’m ticked with Special K Red Berries cereal because the first bowl is a bounty of berries, however by bowl four you’re searching the box for them. Why? Can’t they get the ratio and way it comes out more precise? LOL Yep, that even sounded crazy in my head. But let’s back up to this morning. Maybe I’ll find why I’m a bit out of sorts.

I woke up late. Why? Because my bed is incredibly warm. Because I go to bed past the time I can keep my eyelids open. Because I don’t like mornings. So I had to go to the dentist with boy 4 and girl 1. He had a cavity. The horror. The complete horror of having to go and wait 2 hours….2 hours to have that thing filled. Of course the majority of that time was letting him get sedated and then the gas and the waking from the gas. See what not brushing every night got you, I asked. This. He assures me he will brush, floss, fluoride, and soak teeth every night to avoid such future horror. Sidenote: Girl 1 had no cavities. Yay!

As for the rest of my day, it went okay. I did some errands, ate a crappy lunch, and wandered around for what to make for dinner. Ah, my favorite time to sit and wonder what I’ll feed my tribe. Nothing good, I assure you it was. Nothing. I couldn’t even bear to clean it up. Boy 2 surprised me by clearing it out while I was washing laundry. I finished up the evening by eating a bowl of my berry cereal and feeling as though I got nothing accomplished today. Maybe that’s my problem. All I did was ride in a car or ride that dentist waiting room chair. And then of course I’m on the kick of feeling fat again. Yet nothing stops me from eating. Go figure that!

Okay, now for the positive portion of this segment. Because being negative is beginning to make me look even worse. I will mention a few things that light up my world and give me reason to be the happiest person ever. Let’s see:1. I have the most wonderful 6 kids ever. Maybe not every second of the day. But when I’m around other bad children, I know my really aren’t all that naughty. LOL! No, they are good. Down in their core they are good. Now to just not have to police them every second. 2. My home is just what I need. It’s beautiful, provides most with their own room, gives us security, and has a serene setting. (I mention this because I get the itch to move every day). 3. My husband is one of the best. I’d go as far to say I think he puts my needs before his own. You just don’t get that lucky usually. 4. I’m getting the chance to adopt a very sweet little girl in just 2 short months. Although it has been some of the most stressful times of my life with deadlines, hoops to jump through, and finding the money…I will be her mother before her 5th birthday. Amazing!! 5. Speaking of moms, I have the best one ever. This woman could’ve bunked with Mother Theresa for all I know. Drank from her same cup. Brushed with her same comb. She is giving, empathetic, compassionate to a fault, and all mine! Yep, that made me feel better. Sometimes you have to check in to what’s important and check out of what you have no control over. Like Kellog’s or cavities. I know this. 😉

Till next time! Have a good rest of the week.


Thanksgiving Traditions

DAYI don’t really have a tradition; only that sometimes a turkey sits ON the table and other times it sits AT the table. We’ll find out which one will happen this year.

Since becoming an adult, dinner has been up for grabs at which house it will be at. Oh the days where all I had to do was show up with a plate and fork, eat, and then leave the scene. Now, there’s a slight possibility I’ll be hosting, and a super good chance I’ll be helping and/or cleaning it up. Forgive the scowl I might at times have on my face toward the little ones who inhale and flee.

This year I was asked to host the event at my house. And event is defined as thirty people attending, holding forks with mashed potato and gravy trances, and bellies growling so loudly that you’d think we lived near a train depot. Not a meal for ten, surely. But that’s what these feasts are for, right? I’m thankful to have a miniature fleet attending every year. Since when do we all get together at the same time and break bread? Once or twice a year to be exact. And there’s probably reasons for this. No, I’m just kidding. It’s fine we all eat together. Minus the children running and romping, it’s fun. Especially when my brother brings out the ol’gingerbread liquor concoction. Yum-o. And I don’t type that lightly. Double Yum-o. Isn’t it nice to have someone like something you make? You’d think, but when I’m asking for my fifth one…I get that look. I can’t help it. My taste buds look forward to it all year. The tiny bits of broken gingerbread, the lightly taupe colored elixir floating in the glass. I’m seeing tiny little gingerbread men dancing just thinking about it.

Anyway, over the years Thanksgiving has morphed into a couple different things. Of course it’s grown in number since I was young. Now everyone has someone and they have little someone’s, until it’s a line wrapped around the counter, where you’re hoping all the ham isn’t gone by the time you get there. And then there’s the couple of years that my sister made everyone go around the table and tell what we’re thankful for. Those were stressful. Yes it was a good idea; reflection is always a good thing. Thankfulness is always shined on well, but on the spot? And then to have everyone judge you for the one word you uttered? Obviously in order to play the game you had to be a philosopher.

The first year I could’ve sworn I broke out in a sweat. Thankful for? I don’t know. I didn’t want to sound lame and say family, or a warm house. Plus, everyone before me had already said something profound. I think that year I lowered my self underneath the table and crawled away. (I’m thankful for a bunch of stuff, I just don’t want to have it talked about and measured) The second year I was ready. I came rehearsed. My answer was also duplicated by the person sitting next to me. When it was my turn, I had nothing but to be thankful for the meal itself. Eye roll city! By the third year I told my mother to tell her not to do it anymore. It was making the children nervous:)

This year Thanksgiving was volleyed between my and my mother’s house. For a week solid it was thought to be at mine. I cleaned for hours, scrubbed my oven….then on the night before (last night to be exact) she called and said it would be at hers. I suppose that means Christmas is at mine. I have a few weeks till then. I’ll go easy on the dirtying up around here:)


Just What the Doctor Ordered


Ever tell your children to eat their dinner because there’s others out in the world starving? I do it so much that the words spill out my mouth with very little thought behind them. Which is what it probably sounds like ringing in my children’s ears. It’s something we say when someone’s wasting food. Kind of like saying “bless you” after someone sneezes.

I took my son to the doctor Monday evening. Not our usual doctor, some type of Emergi-center outside of the city. When we sat down in the room where the nurse ushered us, my attention drew to the pictures on the walls. The doctor of this facility had obviously done work in Haiti. There were shots of the terrain, a picture of him administering medicine to a baby, women carrying water to their huts, and one with little boys running around his legs.

We’ve all seen the impoverished images on television, while hearing the spokesperson speaking in sympathetic tones, and a telephone number or email address scrolls on the bottom of the screen. But this was different. This doctor, the one working at this clinic, was actually there. I couldn’t stop looking at the woman in the one picture. A red bandana was tied around her head and the look of nothing was on her face. No happiness, no despair … nothing. Like today would be no different than yesterday for her.

It gave me great perspective for some reason. Of course I’m aware there are people less fortunate than me in the world, but it recharged my standpoint on appreciating all the things I have. The fact of me wanting a new dishwasher dissipated, the fact I had to wait for our medicine at CVS didn’t bother me. I had so much more than this woman in the picture ever would; a car, a house, running water, a bathroom, a place to take my children for formal education…

We all, well I guess most of us, count our blessings. But, when you stand them up against someone with very little, they feel like a whole lot more.