New Recipe Weekend

Half the battle is going to the store, buying the food, and carrying it inside once you get home. The other half…cleaning up. Baking and cooking, however, I have no problem with. As long as I’m in the mood. And I’m pretty sure I was in the mood this weekend. If I had planned to do a lot of cooking, I’d have dreaded it like a trip to the “lady” doctor, but I woke up wanting to experiment with something new. Not everything went as planned.

Saturday I did the deed and went to the store. Actually it gets hairy before the store. I actually have to have a plan, look for recipes, and commit. So I did all that, came home and began. I didn’t sit down until Sunday night, about now! At least that’s how it seemed. I digress…Saturday morning I made chocolate chip muffins. Nothing big, nothing new. It was there before I went to the store, so I popped them in the oven. For lunch I made tacos. But not like that. Not like the box kit. Nope, I was adventurous. I did up the spices, added some chili beans, and viola..it was a keeper. Of course my daughter does not eat these, so a hamburger is what she ate. Also the tacos had 1/2 beef, 1/2 turkey. I kept this to myself…my kids don’t do well with too many changes. The beans alone were enough to traumatize them.

For dinner came Penne pasta with creamy vodka sauce. Luckily I had a trial sized bottle of Absolute in my fridge. I used sweet Italian sausage for this, with sides of cheddar biscuits, salad, and fresh roasted asparagus. Beware of stinky pee! My youngest and I are the only one who will eat this. He stands at the oven and pulls them out by the handfuls and stuffs his face!

Sunday morning was pumpkin spice pancakes and oven-made bacon. Can I just stop the presses for a moment and proclaim that if you’ve never had bacon made in the oven, do it. Just do it. Trust me when I say, my eyes, along with my family’s eyes, rolled back in their heads. YUMMMMMMMY. And the pancakes were pretty spectacular, too. (I only take credit for following the recipe…meaning the recipe was a keeper). Very filling, and my 2nd son put a dollop of whipped cream on his. I didn’t see his eyes come back around after this trick was performed. 🙂 Lunch was Italian subs, stacked high with all the fixings.

For dinner…and this was the not-so-great moment of the weekend. Italian pot roast. It missed. Not that I did anything to destroy it. It baked for 9 hours, had fresh rosemary spread on top, and slits of fresh garlic wedged on both sides. It melted in your mouth, but the taste? Meh. Not a keeper. Luckily I served it with buttery mashed potatoes and the taste was masked if you mixed the both together. And of course, I forgot to mention, I made a fresh blueberry pound cake on Saturday. So this was a munched on treat for the weekend.

I’m stuffed just writing about this weekend’s plan of attack on our bellies. It’s over, and they’ll be doing good if they get frozen pizza and chicken nuggets for dinner this week. Just kidding, I’ll try my best. It’s not that easy to think of new things.

Peace out, and have a great week! 😉



Everything causes cancer

sandwichI read an article today about how sandwich meat causes cancer. Hellooo? Yes, I realize it’s processed, but what am I supposed to pack my little boy for lunch? And sure, I buy the kind that says ‘all natural’ but who are we kidding? All natural what? He hates peanut butter and jelly, although he devours peanut butter with chocolate and apples (go figure). And he won’t do the veggie sticks and cracker thing. He’s a little bit on the tooth-challenged side right now—he’s missing his front two. I usually would just read the article and go “whatever. I ate ham sandwiches and I’m still here.” But the truth is, it said it pushes him into the bracket of 18% higher at risk because I’m shoveling it into his lunch bag everyday. And don’t get me started on the roast I’m making for dinner tonight that is sure to take 3 days off everyone’s life at my dinner table.

I’m not naïve to think these things don’t pose a risk. I mean look at bacon…who makes something so tasty and then holds a sign up over it telling you it causes colon cancer? I’ve tried to curb my love for Bessy—I’ve visited her at petting zoos, watched her pink little body snort and dig, thinking to myself, “that’s what bacon is, girl.” To just come home and the next morning fry up a pound of it and block out the events from the previous day. “Oh, that’s not her in the skillet. This was a bad pig who never knew what the feel of dirt between her toes was like.” Anything to ignore what I’m truly eating. But the buck stops when I get the statistics.

Organics is the way to go. That’s what the word  on the street has been for the past five or so years. First of all, have you priced the stuff? Will all the poor people die much earlier than the ones who can afford the bumper crop of bananas from the organic side of the plantation? I hope not. If it’s better for you, why not offer it better prices? I’m all for the better stuff, but I can’t mortgage the house to keep it in my pantry.

I apologize for the rant, but seriously…what do you pack your kid for lunch? I’d love to know some ideas. Does a fruit snack and a couple crackers really fill them up?