Running Late for Thanksgiving

This year I have off from cooking Thanksgiving. Thank goodness. I’m not sure I could’ve fit it in the schedule. Okay, so I would have, but it would’ve been ugly. Mashed potatoes would’ve been chunky, turkey would’ve been poultry-ridden in taste, and the jello mold might not’ve been so stable. Why do I put so much on my plate? Not the literal plate, but why do I put so much on myself? Is it something we allow? Sometimes. Then again, some things just begin a slow pile and work themselves into a avalanche. I’m running from that avalanche right now, I feel.

My house is still decorated fall. Which is nice. I enjoy the orange and yellow tones. They match the trees outside my windows. But typically I’d have pinecones, tinsel, and red bows littered about by now. It takes so long to lug out the Christmas that I justify it by decorating after Halloween. Now I’m behind. Case in point. Last week I had a writer’s conference all day and a vendor fair. All of which was on the same day. Some very gracious family members took the load of the fair off my plate. But I had to supply everything they sold. Single handedly. I come home late to find a little boy who’d overeaten popcorn and chicken, who then proceeded to wake me up at 2 in the morning with said popcorn and chicken splattered all over himself and throughout the house. Down the carpeted stairs, through the kitchen, and let’s not forget in his bed. Yep, there was a trashcan 2 inches away from him, but he chose to sling it all over the house. Ugh. I’ll never look at popcorn the same way–outside of the body and only half digested. (sorry for the image)

My dossier to China is coming together. I’ve got 2 documents left to get prepared. Then I take them to my state department and get them certified. After that it’s authentication, translated, and off to China!! Holy cow this thing is getting real. I got a video update of my little girl. My heart ached the rest of the day after seeing it. Knowing that she’s an ocean apart and I can’t get her until next year is tough. But steadily I plow through the paperwork and hope and pray for the funds to send along with it.

As for my final Sarah book….progress to report is the cover is complete. The reveal is November 30th! USA Today’s HEA has graciously accepted the honor of doing the exclusive reveal. I’m getting excited. And nervous at the same time. I’m working on edits and crossing all body parts I can get it done in time. I’m going to try and not plan a release so close to a major holiday next time! The release is January 4, 2018. It’s got a holiday theme, so hopefully everyone is still in the spirit while reading Sarah’s final walk to happily ever after. I’m giddy just thinking about her outcome. It’s up for pre-order on Amazon as we speak!!

If I don’t check in before turkey day, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!