It’s Becoming a Bit Chilly Out There!

Last week I had to scrape my windshield. Scrape…yes, you read that correctly. Frozen junk was all over it. I even blew smoke while I was wielding that zebra-printed scraper! Then over the weekend it became hot. As in too hot for October. Today….cold! Out of nowhere. And we wonder why everyone is sick. Hmmm

I cleaned out some flowerbeds today. Well, attempted to. And I put away my summer flag and hung a fall one. Next I’ll have to clear out the bird bath and take a crane to lift my gardenia plant and place it in the garage. It’s so heavy. But I can’t let it freeze. It did so well all summer. Like crazy blooms all the time. The fragrance was intoxicating.

I go through this phase where I get sick of watering my house plants all the time. Isn’t that terrible? I just want to give all them away and not worry about tending to them anymore. What does this mean about me? I’m fickle? Tired of carrying a watering can? Becoming less nurturing? Maybe something else in my life is lacking. Maybe I’m tired of something else and I’m taking it out on my plants. It’s something for me to think about. Later.

I’ve been avoiding writing. Wow, I’m avoiding that, too? Who knows what’s going on. My daughter has had a brush of bullying at school. She claims she can handle it, but should she have to? And who’s to trust she can. She’s very mature about it, but she’s human, right? Something I have to keep a pulse on and keep check everyone is behaving. You’ll always have your jealous little clicks. Always. No one escapes.

I’m trying not to go into Mother Bear mode. But if you poke the bear, it’ll manage to wake! Fair warning. 

I’m waiting on immigration approval with our international adoption. After all this is done, I think I could qualify for bodyguard status to the president of the United States! Next up, fingerprinting. Again. Because the first set was just for practice, you know?

Sarah 3 is calling me. I’ll just stop by the fridge and clean it out first. Then I’ll be ready to sit down and write. Right? Hopefully. I’m still getting angry mail about how book 2 left off. And I thought I did better!

5 thoughts on “It’s Becoming a Bit Chilly Out There!”

    1. I assure you book 3 will end happily. No cliffhangers allowed!! Thank you for your feedback. I love to hear what readers are thinking. Fingers crossed, I should have a release first week of January.


    1. Thanks…It’s something I’m dealing with gingerly because of her trust built with me. It’s difficult not being able to tear into the school and pick out the weeds!! 🙂 Or at least educate the weeds to being kinder.

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