One Life to Live

Bald Eagle in Flight

If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.  -Ancient Proverb

This weekend’s ramblings are brought to you by the loss of my characters. You see, while I began a new sub-chapter in my life, my characters that I live with and write about every day, became lost. I was making tea this morning and looked outside, realizing I’d gone all week without thinking about my book. How is this possible? I’m on chapter four of my second in a series and poof!, just like that, I hadn’t thought about them. How did this happen? Only last weekend I was haunted in my sleep, in the shower, and driving my car, with thoughts about how to make their story fabulous.

Quite obviously, my mind has been engaged in my new job. There is a huge learning curve to this new world I’ve been introduced to. By the way, for the record, I don’t enjoy being the new girl. I haven’t been the new girl in twenty years. Soon, I hope it’ll sink in. But, while I’m waiting for the saturation of knowledge to become second hand, I’m losing my writing time and mojo. Time for doing what I enjoy most. But, why should we be limited to only one thing?

They say you only have one life to live, go and seize the day. There is so much I want to do before it’s over, yet it feels like when you turn your head to focus on something, the other thing you were doing becomes lost. Sure, you can sample lots of things, but know that something will surely suffer in the end.

I wanted to move and live in different states, do a plethora of things I enjoy, try a ton more, but let’s face it…it’s not realistic. Especially when you have responsibilities such as children, bills, and family. So, you pick a few, close your eyes, and pray you have a little while to sample it. I’m enjoying this new thing. It has proven to me how much I like working with food, but so much is left behind by doing it.

In the end, I’ll always consider myself blessed to be able to do what I can. Life is a gift and if I’m able to do just one thing I enjoy, I’m happy enough. To do two, I’m overjoyed.

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